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Digital Content Service Delivery

By understanding that operators' success and market leadership is majorly dependent on a consistently superior customer service experience, Telesis developed Managed Business digital content Partner’s Services model. It replaces separate, vendor-specific delivery models with a comprehensive standardized approach to digital value Added service delivery and management. This enables implementation of agreeable policies, specification of performance level requirements and definition of processes to manage SLAs, manage capacity and manage revenues - leading to an improvement in the end user's overall service experience.

Recognized Developed Delivery Channel

Helps you deploying digital service delivery with 24/7 support.

Your Partner in Achieving Results

Our digital platforms solutions include monetization options to enable you to easily integrate multiple payment methods into your service, leveraging mobile and social channels to drive incremental revenue growth.

Creativity & Innovation

The mixture of Telesis digital platform approachability and our associations with Business content digital partners ensures rapid service development and delivery.

Oustannding Service Delivery

Provide a reliable service know-how regardless of channel or device, ensuring customer satisfaction, promising higher levels of echo acquiring.

Fully Management

Telesis manage mobile service delivery solutions saving you money and time .Managing service provider relationships and settlement can be time consuming and many-sided.

Your way to win

We manage the complete service delivery lifecycle including content licensing, ingestion, service build, deployment and ongoing management.

Telesis’s Digital Content Service Delivery platform is the trusted solution for mobile operators and Business partners.

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