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Telesis Solutions offers an integrated and market-proven portfolio of lifestyle business solutions, which meet diverse service requirements of subscribers, whilst enhancing revenues for the enterprise's including mobile operators through Mobile and multi-channel customer engagement solutions that will help you create a compelling digital customer experience.

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Industry Solutions

Mobile operators

Mobile Operator's Technological advancements have changed the very dynamics of the telecom industry. The wide spread penetration of mobile phones, driven by lowering costs and advanced capabilities, and ready availability of a plethora of content-rich mobile apps to keep the user engaged on the go, is gradually transforming the role of a mobile phone into a lifestyle companion. Mobile operators face an increasingly challenging market, where excellence is expected by customers. Telesis gives its clients a competitive advantage. We help them reduce churn, generate revenues, improve service delivery and acquire new customers.

Real time Related communications

Telesis provides appropriate support and help mobile operators to build deeper, more personal and profitable relationships with customers by intelligently connecting with customers at the right moment across multiple channels at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Working alongside their teams to refine and deliver mobile engagement strategies for acquisition, marketing, customer service and retention purposes.

Digitalized Focuss Transformation & Monetization

Control & Minimize Churn Rate %

Classify key causes of customer churn, and forecast accurately who is at threat and when. Involve high risk customers at key ticks to endorse loyalty.

Customized Digital Delivery Channel

Converting mobile phone into a lifestyle companion by turning digital resources into extra revenue streams with Telesis digital. Build an app store.

Acquisition Approach

Telesis works closely with its customers to deliver a superior service experience thanks to out of the box innovative portfolio of proven solutions that scale rapidly and efficiently, that are differentiated in the market place and that supply the intelligence needed to effectively target subscribers on an increasingly personal level in a way that help you get more customers.


Completely involve customers at each phase of their customer development to boost acquisition, retention, loyalty and revenue.


Systematize commercial campaigns with Telesis campaign and let Telesis help you plan, build and manage them as a service.

Add- Ons includes Value Added services Delivery Channel

Utilize VAS various build in delivery channels to engage with customer and improve the quality of customer service at a low cost.

Leverage on best Customer Experience

Express better customer Experience using Telesis Apps solutions to moderate operational costs and improve customer service productivity.

Enterprises solutions

Bargain Telesis digital platform as a white label service to your Business. Authorizing them use your network to send, receive and interact using mobile communications.

Find out how Telesis can help you develop customer communication, commitment and fulfilment.

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