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Telesis Applications

Telesis Apps delivers a range of Applications - both home-grown and third party - that engage subscribers and provide convenience, entertainment and information services, whilst also enhancing customer satisfaction and supporting operator's growth goals Add value to your daily life and to your Business and improve productivity, sales and customer satisfaction Add Radiance of your customers’ experience of your business.

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Telesis suite

Telesis Apps suite builds as user friendly way with customers in and customized layout and functions for the ability to interactive instantly. allows operators And service partners/providers to create additional value for users by enabling them to access regardless of device.

Apps templates

users can pick pre- apps templates to speed up delivery and ensure consistency but they have the option to personalise them if required, improving customer service.

Apps management

Helps users build in Apps efficiently and develops Apps services that are standards-based easily manageable.

Aggregate deveopers

on Board collaboration with Applicaion Developers to Broaden Portfolio and for more exposure and monitization

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