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Telesis content

Speed up your business’s shift to digital and mobile. Fast to add value services, SMS, Add-ons and customized services into business processes, apps . Quickly create simple, differentiated user journeys that engage and facilitate customers communications, usage , with centeric segmented approach that operate across all targeted segments.

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Communications Delivery Channels

Ready to deploy and adopt and monetize into business processes and apps.

Designed Custmized Process and Procedures

Fast created and designed process and procedures. Use powerful logic and triggers to automate interactions between customers and your business.

Telecom Utilized and Managed Services Delivery

Telesis content including value added services is ideal for consumers and business operations who can create and manage communications as complete services.

KPI's dashboard

The operations dashboard delivers a comprehansive crystal reports that's major KPI's for managing all Products and services. KPI's lifecycle metrics including Active users, churn, returnees and new users Beside ARPU, Usage, Market Share , Revenue Share and net additions.

Business incuding HAC and ARPU (Low and Med).

everything about Telesis content services and business products is business standard level.

Adjancent Digital including Cloud On

We deliver a standard unique customized enabled cloud communications platform. No hardware to buy, or infrastructure to manage. Everything you need is instantly available.

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