TELESIS Products, Services take your business to the next level.

Creating value for Mobile Operator’s, service providers and mobile users by Enhancing Customer Experience, Rationalizing Costs and Accelerating Revenue Growth.

Overview Products

Our portfolio has been designed to help you build and deliver compelling services faster that will create a better customer experience, inspire loyalty and grow.

Core Products

Telesis Content

A platform to create, deploy,monetize and coordinate new digital communications and messaging services.

Telesis Campaign

Adopting multi-channel Campaign Management Platform to transforming, customizing and deliver personalised marketing campaigns in real-time

Telesis Digital

The market leading segmented and customized Content Management System for end-to-end delivery of content services across all digital touchpoints.

Telesis Social

Segmented Centric Approach Built for Community,Donations, Media to adding value and increase engagement with unique content programming across mobile, digital for better lifestyle.

Telesis Medical

Platform that enables businesses of any size to harness communications with Customers and to improve customer engagement across all touchpoints.

Telesis Applications

Applications that serve value added services including Business customized applications targeting consumer and business entities to improve productivity, sales and customer service.

Telesis unique and customized Products and services for the world of digital collaboration and transformation.

Whatever region in the world you operate in, our products are designed to help you meet your goals

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