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Managed Services

Optimizing customer experience with end-to-end service assurance And Boost revenues with superior supply chain and storefront management.

The environment is becoming increasingly complex as operators continue to source Products &Services offerings from multiple vendors to differentiate their brand. With a service passing through a dozen or more nodes before it reaches the end user, it is difficult to monitor and address end-to-end quality of experience in the absence of a standard, uniform SLA framework.

Telesis Managed Value Added Services model, Telesis assumes the mantle of single point of responsibility, replacing separate, vendor-specific delivery models with a comprehensive, standardized approach to end-to-end service management - ensuring an optimal customer service experience.

Creating a winning Products & Services strategy requires collaboration with ecosystem partners, deep understanding and insight into consumer behavior and preferences and the ability to design, deliver, manage and refine winning service propositions and promotions. With close to a decade of experience in delivering and managing mobile services, Telesis adept at entire P&S supply chain management from content on-boarding to service management.

We work closely with your team to ensure the right combination of people, processes and technology come together to deliver your services to the highest standard.

Managed Services from Telesis is the quickest way to deploy highly-effective mobile solutions and campaigns.

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